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Friday, June 25, 2010

10 Awesome Ways to Integrate Twitter With Your Website

Web developers with social media savvy are in hot demand. Imagine what it would be like to promise your clients a web presence that is fully integrated with their Twitter strategy and makes it easier for their content to go viral on Twitter. Would be nice, no? Well — why imagine? The tools for web developers to add a touch of Twitter to any site are out there and easy to use. Trust us — your clients will love you for it!

There’s no better time to start utilizing Twitter integration tools than right now. Here are 10 of the most useful ways to start turning your site readers (or your client’s customer base) into Twitter followers, and vice versa.

1. Twitter Widgets

If you’re just getting started with wanting to integrate Twitter into your site, than simply adding the traditional Twitter widget to your site’s sidebar is a great start. It’s not sexy, but it’s a great way to show your latest tweets on your website. It’s an effective way to get readers involved into your Twitter updates, without taking up too much screen real estate.

Twitter widgets can be used with virtually any site or blog, including HTMl-only pages. While they may not require the most exciting development hack to incorporate Twitter into a website (copy + paste), simplicity is not a bad thing.

2. Twitter Buttons

Twitter Buttons is a nifty little service that helps you quickly create a badge to promote your Twitter account. You can choose from over 40 different well-designed Twitter buttons, spanning different shapes and sizes. The service also allows you to automatically create the HTML needed to build the badge without any programming knowledge, not even a teensy bit. Easy peasy.

3. Twitter Tools

Thanks to WordPress’ dominance in the blog software world, many blog owners are using Alex King’s excellent Twitter Tools to integrate Twitter into their blogs. Twitter tools is a Twitter Swiss Army knife for WordPress, adding almost limitless functionality to an otherwise Twitter-less blog. The nifty plugin allows you to:

  • Create a blog post from each of your tweets
  • Create a daily digest post of your tweets
  • Create a tweet on Twitter whenever you post in your blog, with a link to the blog post
  • Post a tweet from your sidebar
  • Pass your tweets along to another service (via API hook)

… and much more.

4. TwitThis

Twitter is a powerful promotional tool. Many influential Twitterers have thousands of followers, and an endorsement from one of the “Twitterati” could send a wave of traffic to your site. If you factor in that those followers might tweet to their followers, than you have a very viral social marketing tool.

TwitThis is a little button that you can place in your HTML or in your blog template to allow your readers to quickly and easily share what they’re reading with their Twitter followers. Aside from an HTML button, users can also “tweet” their findings via a bookmarklet, and WordPress users have a nifty plugin they can install as well.

5. TweetSuite

TweetSuite is one of the most compelling uses of the Twitter API in a blog plugin. TweetSuite is a WordPress plugin that furrows among the Twitter API and finds the tweets that reference the current page. It adds another aspect to commenting, showing more of the total conversation around the blog post. Aside from that, TweetSuite boasts some impressive functionality like a Retweet button and a “Tweet this” button (like the famed “Digg this” button).

6. Chirrup

TweetSuite is currently offered only for WordPress blogs, but there is another solution for pulling Twitter comments across any platform: Chirrup. Chirrup allows you to display all of the references from Twitter on a given webpage (much like TweetSuite), except it does this by only adding a Javascript snippet. Chirrup is a PHP/Javascript program that has to be hosted locally, but only requires a tiny Javascript include to work on any page. This means that any static HTML page can now have a Twitter-based commenting system.

That’s a lot of marketing potential for sites wanting to tap into Twitter.

7. Tweet This

Tweet This is a WordPress plugin that has much of the same functionality as TwitThis, with a few more bells and whistles. Tweet This automatically shortens your website or blog post URL with a URL shortening service, and also allows you to easily configure the look and feel of the service, without having to dig around in the template code too much. It’s a simple drop-in solution for WordPress blogs, but a powerful way to help spread your content among readers on Twitter.

8. IntenseDebate

IntenseDebate is one of the best 3rd-party commenting systems on the web. The service is famous for its threaded comments, user system and rating, excellent design and ease of installation. Yet one of the most progressive features in IntenseDebate’s deep feature set is the ability to notify Twitter when you’ve made a comment. Not only does this feature help the commenter showcase what he’s yakking about online, it also gives the originating site some more attention on Twitter.

9. Aweber

Prized for it’s stellar email marketing features, Aweber has an excellent feature for any newsletter marketer: The ability to tweet the newsletter. The newsletter delivery service has actually created a way to convert RSS to Email to Tweet (if you can wrap your head around that).

There are many site owners who run incredibly successful email newsletters, so this feature is very useful for those wanting to bring that extra bit of awareness to a newsletter.

10. Twitterfeed

Last, but certainly not least, is a pioneer of website and Twitter integration: Twitterfeed. Twitterfeed allows you to automatically insert tweets into your Twitter stream from any RSS feed. Many blogs utilize this functionality to let their Twitter followers know when new content is available. You can tailor the format of the generated tweets, and it’s a great way to keep your Twitter followers engaged on your blog.

Fantastic applications here!

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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Facebook Seeks Testers for Q&A Product - The Steve Rubel Stream

Friday, June 18, 2010

A Social Media Sunset - The Steve Rubel Stream

Would love to know your thoughts on this! Has this cake baked? I think not! Not by a long shot. We haven't begun to think the thoughts that are coming around the bend. Twenty years ago could we have envisioned things like Facebbook, Twitter and Amplify? Emerging media AS WE KNOW IT might be baked, but it's going to evolve....for a very long time. http://amplify.com/u/70m6

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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Facebook vs. Open: The Fight For the Soul of the Web — GigaOM Pro

I'd like to think the collective "we" (not wheeeeeeee - referencing my earlier post today about the full-speed all electric car and being a big silly) own the web. Our souls make one big one. Right? Your thoughts? http://amplify.com/u/5rzv

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Wheego Eyes $5M on Home Stretch to Full-Speed Electric Car

Got a love a car (named the "Whip"?) by a company named Wheeeeeeeeee-go! http://amplify.com/u/5rzo

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Encipher Tablet Coming From Nigeria

Saturday, May 1, 2010


Goodmorningternoonving to my Amplify family! Love being a part of this community and don't get to respond and "visit" with you all nearly enough! Just know this. I heart you! http://amplify.com/u/5mun

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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Twitter is Self Cleansing

This is an excellent article and nails it....at least it nails the way I think about Twitter. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and "one man's babble is another man's..." (read the article to finish the quote :=) http://amplify.com/u/3m89

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Sunday, March 21, 2010

On being thankful...

Here's a sappy, happy little blog about springtime thanksgiving. This has been an unusually hard year for my family and me. Health problems have plagued my mom and my son. Very serious, life-threatening, life-changing health problems that left us all reeling and having to change our routines. Life, as we knew it, stopped. We took our lumps and pulled even closer as a family when we all thought we couldn't get any closer. We have shared money, resources, time, and sweat-equity...doing all we could do to make it work. Funny thing about this year, it has been one of our best. Even with the huge financial setbacks that came about, too, during our very personal health care crises, we have survived and come out the other side stronger, but more curious than that, happier. We have learned to do more with less. Really. We enjoy time with each other to the point of savoring the moments of laughter and the little things that make this family our family. Our savoring of the moments is palpable and we make note of it in some way. Without fail, one of us will say "I love you" or "we are so lucky" every time we share a laugh, a meal, or discussion of the world as we know it. Spring is not a traditional time of thanksgiving but for us, we can't help but rejoice that we are here and we are strong. It's the little things, the robin pulling the worm from the warming ground, the tender new leaves of grass, jonquils and forsythia budding out...all that is good has been given to us again and again. Here we are still enjoying the warmth of the new sun. Happy Thanksgiving to you all. Happy Thanksgiving. http://amplify.com/u/3f58

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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Writing “The WordPress Bible” | Technosailor.com

Maybe with the help of The WordPress Bible I can get up the nerve to take the plunge...maybe. http://amplify.com/u/3erz

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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

New Anthem For Web & Social Media Dorks | MakeUseOf.com

Mmmm....I think I qualify as one of the "New Dorks" notwithstanding the skinny jeans. Proud New Dork. YEAH!! http://amplify.com/u/3a3j

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TweetNotebook – a personalized notebook of your tweets « EverythingTwitter

Over half your news is spin - Holy Kaw!

Sigh...I'd like to think I'm a fairly good judge of spin vs. real news. But with over half of it being spin...I'm not so sure! http://amplify.com/u/3a2i

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Coastal Drives: Easter Island's South Coast - Bing Travel

Seth's Blog: Books you don't need in a place you can't find

I take comfort in the fact that one can still buy vinyl records (younger readers may need to Google "vinyl records" :=) and book stores will be around for rainy afternoon browsing. http://amplify.com/u/39u4

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» Twitter Hashtags

Top 10 People to Follow in the Enterprise 2.0 Space and Why (Pt 1)

9 Killer Tips for Location-Based Marketing

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

HOW TO: Prepare for Natural Disasters Using Social Media

Amazing suggestions. Worth the read if you use only one or two of these ideas. http://amplify.com/u/2r2x

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» Blogging Business is on the Rise

And my favorite tip is to write more than you post....everyday. Warning...this advice takes discipline and I haven't followed my own best advice of late. How easy it is to let life get in the way. That's exactly why it's so smart to write more while you're in the zone to have tucked away for a later blog. http://amplify.com/u/2qwi

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Seth's Blog: The Wordperfect Axiom

It is utterly amazing that so many CEO and marketing folks don't get this. They are out there....naysayers ringing their hands about social networking, media and marketing in hopes that it will go away because it can never replace "real" marketing. I get a message or two every week asking me how it is I think that social engagement will last...how can I be so bold to think it will really last a make an iota of difference in that holy grail called the bottom line. How indeed. I guess you could say I really like Seth's blog post today. :=) http://amplify.com/u/2qu9

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Wire Up Your Customer Base

What a smarty! In marketing, razor sharp sniping is a good thing. Way to go!! http://amplify.com/u/2qrl

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Friday, February 26, 2010

Only 50% of tweets are in English - Holy Kaw!

69% of Companies Focus on Twitter; 61% Have No Clue of Its ROI

This article makes a lot of sense to me. And, I agree that some companies are looking at social media's ROI in the wrong way. Brand awareness, not sales and donations should one of the first ways of measurement. Social media for marketing is not that unlike good old fashioned marketing...just waaaaaay faster. It opens the door for building relationships at warp speed...but relationships still have to be built. It's not a panacea for budget woes and I do think some companies look at social media as a giant silver bullet. http://amplify.com/u/246l

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3 Little Known Ways To Use Twitter Without Information Overload

Monday, February 22, 2010

Saturday, February 20, 2010

How To View Live Weather Radar On Google Earth

So, you can now watch the rain hit your roof....from your laptop? Pretty amazing. Still waiting on an app that makes coffee and brings it to me in bed.....while I'm watching the rain hit my roof from Google Earth. :-) http://amplify.com/u/209u

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Three Ways to Manage Your Attention with Facebook - The Steve Rubel Lifestream

Facebook is not my number one source for social networking but I do use is--a LOT. These are great tips for getting things under control...especially if you don't like gaming. http://amplify.com/u/2001

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Social Media Etiquette: 6 Lessons Learned from Twitter Mistakes | Windmill Networking

Spamming is never a good thing...even if the product is wonderful. http://amplify.com/u/1zzg

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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Sunday, February 7, 2010

10 Almost Unknown Google Facts

Google is misspelled? Go figure! I think it's too late for me to get used to Googol now. http://amplify.com/u/1s20

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Saturday, February 6, 2010

patgermelman: Are You In A Twitter Funk?

My new Amplify friends inspired this post! Special thanks to Elle!! http://amplify.com/u/1ruq

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Are You In A Twitter Funk?

Some folks responded to my recent retweet of Aaron Lee's (July 24, 2009) post from Penn Olson's website http://www.penn-olson.com with gratitude and I relished telling them why I'm so enamored with the platform. You see, it was through Twitter that I began my love affair with social media.

In the interest of full disclosure and transparency; here are some things I learned along the way:

1. Brilliant tweets generally won't get you followers. One person's brilliant is another person's stupid.

2. Twitter is not a tiny little Facebook.  People don't care what kind of shenanigans you got into in college or what five celebrities you think you most resemble.

3. People aren't into your own personal angst either. Save it for your mama.

4. Twitter isn't going to make you a millionaire overnight.

5. Twitter is an engagement platform for companies and non-profits. It's a way to promote your message and brand. It's a new way of marketing and that, in turn, does make money.

6. Twitter is not your personal cash cow (see number 4.)

7. Twitter is a high speed source of news. Real news or fake news or non-news depending on the news sources you follow.  It's more rapid-fire than any other social media or networking platform. Period.

8. Twitter is a way to build wonderful relationships. You will engage with people all over the world, people with whom you would not have exchanged nary a word were it not for Twitter. Your tweets will cross oceans and open your mind.

9. Twitter is what you make it. If you love science fiction novels, follow science fiction authors. If you're a political junkie, follow as far left or as far right as you want to go. If you love delightfully irreverent comedy, follow Sarah Silverman http://twitter.com/SarahKSilverman or Danny DeVito http://twitter.com/Danny_DeVito.

10. If tweeters get on your nerves, just stop following them. Twitter is a  guilt-free zone. It isn't supposed to get on your nerves.

11. Twitter is not a race.

12. Twitter doesn't have a rear view mirror. It's about moving forward.

13. Your twitter followers will not evaporate if you miss a few days.

14. When you do lose followers (and you will), don't take it personally. It's the nature of the platform. You get to unfollow. They get to unfollow. It's not personal.

15. Enjoy it or don't do it. But before you ditch it, take a look the list of people you follow. Own your stream!

Don’t See the Point of Twitter? New Homepage Might Help | Penn Olson

PIC: A Guide To Facebook's New Homepage | Penn Olson

After a day of not being able to get a post to stick on FB, thought I'd send out some useful stuff from Penn Olson. Love him! Check out his awesome blog. I'm a disciple. ;-) http://amplify.com/u/1rnf

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How To Write A Viral Blog Post: 7 Real Examples

Best tip I've read today: Write more than you post. Excellent advice I will learn to follow... http://amplify.com/u/1rnc

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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Unique Scoop: Rare Photos of Famous People

These are truly rare and fascinating. Check out Sean Connery...so many other great ones and way too many good ones to pick a favorite. Elizabeth Taylor with the kitten in her pocket...really amazing shots. Marilyn Monroe, Marlon Brando, and so many when they were very young. Johnny Depp with his neice, Meg Ryan so very young. Some of the Beatles' shots I had seen before but none of the others. I'll shut up now. Enjoy!! http://amplify.com/u/1mdt

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Apple iphone OS 3.1 Officially Released

Apple Tablet iPad Features and Specification

So what do you think? Seems a little silly to have an iPad AND an iPhone. http://amplify.com/u/1mcr

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Tag cloud of the State of the Union Address #sotu - Holy Kaw!

Friday, January 15, 2010

Social Media Fairy Tales


In the past few days, we've seen firsthand the power of social media. The first reports describing the horror immediately following the devastating earthquake in Haiti were from Tweets and instant messages. Now, millions of dollars are being raised from text message donations that are charged right to donors' phone bills. Social media is making a dramatic difference because of its sheer volume and speed. For more information about Red Cross text messaging donation options and participating wireless carriers please go to the following link ~ www.redcross.org/en/t2h

On a much happier note, we also learned this week that after a 23-year run of running ads during the Super Bowl, Pepsi is opting instead to spend the $20 million for an online marketing campaign. Good for you, Pepsi. Could it be you want to get feedback in real time? Could it be that you like the idea of interacting with customers and hearing what's new and fresh in their minds while it's, well, new and fresh in their minds? Could it be that you get it? Pretty sure you do. The $20 million was a great clue.

So, why do social media myths and fairy tales still swirl about? What is so hard for some people to understand? What is it that people still don't get?

Here are just a few myths that continue to rear their ugly imaginary heads:

1.  The words "social media" are overused.

Are the words sky, water, or air overused? How about computer, internet, advertising or marketing? Social media is social media. It's not a buzzword or trend that will go away in a year or two. Without a doubt, it will advance in leaps and bounds. Getting on board now just makes sense. Remember when computers were as big as a large room? It was impossible to envision that one day we'd be able to hold a computer in one hand. Check out this link to read about some of the latest really, really, small options. http://www.buzzle.com/articles/worlds-smallest-computer.html

2.  There is a secret social media formula that will catapult you/your business/your non-profit into the money.   

There are social media formulas that you can pick and choose from and adapt to fit your schedule, staff, and resources. There's a virtual candy store of platforms and options. Here's the secret...they all take work. There are no silver bullets. If someone claims to have all the answers they most assuredly don't. If you get help from an expert and something doesn't sound right, then it isn't. You know your organization better than social media experts and any plan can be tweaked and adjusted to fit your organizational needs.

3. You have to have tangible ROI goals before you start a social media campaign. It's not good business if you don't.

Your goal is to build good relationships. Your ROI is customer loyalty. Of course, you do need to set goals and objectives. Of course, you need a way to measure progress. Like all advertising, the results you realize depend on the relationships you build with your followers, customers or donors. If you're lousy at building relationships your ROI is pretty much going to stink. In any ad campaign, success comes after you build your base of followers. Right? You have to put relationship building in the equation or there is no ROI. Something tells me that Pepsi gets it.

4.  Social media is a bunch of hooey.   

This myth is one that non-social media evangelists are banking on.  I heard it recently from a former colleague in marketing and I still haven't lifted my jaw that squarely dropped to the floor. If you are in business, any kind of business, you owe it to yourself and your customers to take a look at your social media options. There are lots of them from which to choose.

Try to shoo social media off your shoulder like a housefly. You can bet that it will most assuredly come back and bite you in the derriere... like a horsefly.


Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Unraveling Social Media..Doh!

Don't be overwhelmed by the threads. There are millions of them and if you tug on one it can take you rambling through searches and "sign up here" pages for an eternity. Start with the three-legged stool: Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. Some experts refer to these three platforms as the "golden" trilogy.
Facebook begins for many as a way to connect with friends and family. I still use it that way but it also has become an incredible business resource. These two purposes are not mutually exclusive and you can juggle two personae on Facebook. There is, however, a caveat. If you get too business-y, your friends might roll there eyes and grouse. Use your own judgment based on your personal and professional goals and objectives. If you are a new blogger, Facebook is the bomb-digity (technical term) for sharing information with other new bloggers. Don't be afraid to poke around (oops, bad choice of words) on Facebook. You won't believe the opportunities!

LinkedIn was an enigma when I first signed on. I had a dozen or so business contacts. For a couple of years, I didn't explore the vast number of options. No more. When I got serious about branding I decided to revisit LinkedIn in earnest and, holy guacamole (another technical term), the resources for business applications are nothing short of astounding! Follow some LinkedIn groups, sit in on a couple of webinars, and you'll be maximizing your LinkedIn presence in no time flat. This is an unbelievable resource. Experts are right at your fingertips. When I invite former colleagues to join me and they write "...I don't really check LinkedIn...don't have time...don't do social media.." I try hard not to be smug. Smugness is not attractive and typically unappreciated.

Twitter is a passion but it was a slow-burn. Like LinkedIn, I signed up but didn't fully engage for months. Just didn't get it. Then, after one serendipitous conversation with someone head-over-heels in love with it, I gave it another try. Now, it is my social media war room more so than Facebook. Every day, I check in for world news, national news, music, quotes, book reviews and a never-ending flow of social media tips.  And, the friendships I have developed with people all over the world are phenomenal. I can hear your eyes rolling, but it's true. The subject of social media friendships will be covered another day. My Twitter friends deserve a post all their own.

So, go ahead. Pick a thread and tug. You'll enjoy where it leads!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Just a kid in a candy store...

Today's blog post is important for a couple of reasons. First, I love this photo of stripped chocolate candy balls. I started my annual new year's diet today and this picture is starting to look exceptionally good. Secondly, and vastly more important to you, dear reader, is that I want you to know how much fun you can have embracing social media.

In my last blog about "youthiness" I mentioned the great folks that inspire me day after day with their sheer smartness. Not a day goes by that I don't get really excited about one of their posts or comments or tweets. 

The other thing that is an absolute blast is that you get to play with all sorts of gizmos.  The thought of building a blog page, candidly, scared the daylights out of me. Had I not collaborated with and witnessed a former colleague going through the pangs of building a new website, I may not have mustered the intestinal fortitude for the blog site that supports the post you are reading at the moment. He would spend hours, no, entire weekends, tinkering with the layout, colors, bells and whistles.  I saw the look of excitement behind his bleary, blood-shot eyes. He was having fun! I wanted to have fun, too.

There are endless resources for widgets, buttons and gadgets that can be added for free to your blog site or web page. Just do a Google search on widgets or buttons and prepare to be amazed at the endless possibilities. Remember the thrill of looking into that treasure chest after the dentist released you from the dreaded chair? So many wonderful trinkets from which to chose!

Actually, leaving you with a childhood memory of going to the dentist is not smart. A much better connotation to plant in your head is a trip to a candy store. Or, even better, a trip to one of those chocolate candy stores. You know the ones. The stores in the mall that have little morsels behind the glass with names like truffle this and fondant that. They are sitting there, mocking you, beckoning you to take a bite of dark, rich...

Got to go get a snack now.

Friday, January 1, 2010

A Word About "Youthiness"

It's true. The idea for my new word "youthiness" is a direct spin-off of Stephen Colbert's "truthiness" ("The Colbert Report," October 2005) but it just works so well in describing the leadership of the social media revolution that I'm going to roll with it. In my last post I mentioned @jack (Jack Dorsey) and the fact that he conceived Twitter (then Twttr) on March 31, 2006 and gave birth to it five short months later. To recap, Twitter's been around for about three and a half years. Kind of puts "youthiness" in perspective, doesn't it? In SOcial Media Years (SOMY is another word I hereby coin), it's bordering on at least a decade. Read this if you read nothing else. A "somy" happens at warp speed and is the equivalent of ten regular years.

One of the first books I purchased as I embarked on this new journey was The Social Media Bible  by Lon Safko and David K. Brake.  (They don't call it the bible for nothing. This book is a fantastic resource that I keep right by my laptop for easy access.) Right away, I noticed Chapter 5, "It's Not Your Father's E-Mail." Really? My father's e-mail? My father wrote with a stick in the dirt on a small farm in Odum, Georgia. Yep, that chapter title and the fact that a goodly portion of the experts throughout the book have titles like founder and senior vice president and CEO and appear to be under the age thirty.  I think Matt Mullenweg (co-founder of WordPress, www.WordPress.org) may be too young to have dated either of my children.

But, friends, I'm here to tell you these people are dear and very approachable. And, they're so incredibly smart. If you are serious about joining the revolution, throw off that nappy bathrobe and jump in the stream. Start following their blogs. Start following their lists on Twitter. Start following them on Twitter. Engage. Interact. You will learn so much so fast from these wonderful folks. You will find yourself embracing their "youthiness" and loving them for it. I do.