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Sunday, January 3, 2010

Just a kid in a candy store...

Today's blog post is important for a couple of reasons. First, I love this photo of stripped chocolate candy balls. I started my annual new year's diet today and this picture is starting to look exceptionally good. Secondly, and vastly more important to you, dear reader, is that I want you to know how much fun you can have embracing social media.

In my last blog about "youthiness" I mentioned the great folks that inspire me day after day with their sheer smartness. Not a day goes by that I don't get really excited about one of their posts or comments or tweets. 

The other thing that is an absolute blast is that you get to play with all sorts of gizmos.  The thought of building a blog page, candidly, scared the daylights out of me. Had I not collaborated with and witnessed a former colleague going through the pangs of building a new website, I may not have mustered the intestinal fortitude for the blog site that supports the post you are reading at the moment. He would spend hours, no, entire weekends, tinkering with the layout, colors, bells and whistles.  I saw the look of excitement behind his bleary, blood-shot eyes. He was having fun! I wanted to have fun, too.

There are endless resources for widgets, buttons and gadgets that can be added for free to your blog site or web page. Just do a Google search on widgets or buttons and prepare to be amazed at the endless possibilities. Remember the thrill of looking into that treasure chest after the dentist released you from the dreaded chair? So many wonderful trinkets from which to chose!

Actually, leaving you with a childhood memory of going to the dentist is not smart. A much better connotation to plant in your head is a trip to a candy store. Or, even better, a trip to one of those chocolate candy stores. You know the ones. The stores in the mall that have little morsels behind the glass with names like truffle this and fondant that. They are sitting there, mocking you, beckoning you to take a bite of dark, rich...

Got to go get a snack now.

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  1. Glad my bleary and blood-shot eyes inspired you to dive in! Don't, though, lose entire weekends like I did. Everything in moderation, my dear. Happy new year!