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Sunday, March 21, 2010

On being thankful...

Here's a sappy, happy little blog about springtime thanksgiving. This has been an unusually hard year for my family and me. Health problems have plagued my mom and my son. Very serious, life-threatening, life-changing health problems that left us all reeling and having to change our routines. Life, as we knew it, stopped. We took our lumps and pulled even closer as a family when we all thought we couldn't get any closer. We have shared money, resources, time, and sweat-equity...doing all we could do to make it work. Funny thing about this year, it has been one of our best. Even with the huge financial setbacks that came about, too, during our very personal health care crises, we have survived and come out the other side stronger, but more curious than that, happier. We have learned to do more with less. Really. We enjoy time with each other to the point of savoring the moments of laughter and the little things that make this family our family. Our savoring of the moments is palpable and we make note of it in some way. Without fail, one of us will say "I love you" or "we are so lucky" every time we share a laugh, a meal, or discussion of the world as we know it. Spring is not a traditional time of thanksgiving but for us, we can't help but rejoice that we are here and we are strong. It's the little things, the robin pulling the worm from the warming ground, the tender new leaves of grass, jonquils and forsythia budding out...all that is good has been given to us again and again. Here we are still enjoying the warmth of the new sun. Happy Thanksgiving to you all. Happy Thanksgiving. http://amplify.com/u/3f58

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  1. Amen, Sissie, Amen...ah, but that's DAFFODILS!!!! I love you all so!